As part of our drive to deliver efficiency, simplicity and clarity for our customers we set our engineers targets to achieve compliance on the use of all customer systems.

As such our engineers are equipped with the technology and training needed to interact with our customers CAFM systems. We also build upon our in-house Portal system and work with our clients to look to achieve integration where ever possible.

We developed the EMI Portal, to allow for one operating platform to be implemented with all engineers. Key objectives of the portal was to:

  • Develop a simple system for customers without an operating system as well as consistent with larger customer systems
  • To build robust asset information and performance information such as
  • Asset failure history
  • Condition and age
  • Dilapidation processes
  • Customer asset risks (End Of Life)
  • Ensure all engineers work in a consistent manner on one operating platform
  • Site information available to any engineer
  • Parts usage information available
  • Work order information is captured accurately maximising first fix
  • Work is reviewed and allocated to appropriate engineers that have the right skill to do the job
  • Health and Safety risk assessments
  • Engineer qualification compliance
  • Reports produced quickly and accurately for example:
  • Job reports for all engineer certificates that require retraining (see attached)
  • Customers information delivered
  • Legislative compliance reports
  • Quotes / Estimates
  • Customer requests
  • Photographic Evidence