Re-active & Pro-active Services

Re-active & Pro-active Services

Proactive Services

We pride ourselves on building long standing relationships with our customers.

Delivering quality proactive and reactive maintenance

Reducing failure rates

Repairing and recycling where possible (motor rewinds, pump repairs, burner tube repairs, controls refurbishment)

Proactively communicating with customers, even if it is not good news, we will never hide from the truth.

We try to ensure solutions are in place long before there are risks of escalations, nowhere is this more relevant than in our approach to Care Home Maintenance, we will never knowingly walk away from a site without ensuring critical services are available to all residents.

The core of our business is built around a recurring revenue model, this allows for internal investment in processes and resource, delivering efficiency and performance improvements for our customers. Whilst this doesn’t always work out as ‘win-win’ due to customers having to react to short term priorities, it allows us to manage these requirements on a peer to peer basis without impacting service or commitment.

It is essential for the longevity of this model and the relationships we build that Elite Maintenance do not enter into a ‘race to the bottom’ in regards to pricing and performance. As a result we will only ever commit to commercial relationships that are seen to be sustainable. At no time will we take the approach of cutting corners or service items to compensate for a cost challenge.

Our planned maintenance contract offers the following benefits:

  • You are appointed a dedicated Service Manager and all works are carried out by our fully qualified in-house service engineers, maintenance visits are scheduled and agreed well in advance
  • Reduced labour rates to contract customers
  • Priority response to fault calls, breakdowns and emergencies 24/7, 365 days a year.

Reactive Services

We have worked with our customers to develop KPI’s that help drive performance, not allowing focus on one standard KPI but trying to deliver a balanced approach that targets a consistent service level. These have been revised in partnership with the customer over time to support their operating model and reflect new contractual requirements.

Utilising lean process reviews and implementing revised processes, we have been able to deliver year on year performance improvement as well as reduced revenue costs. Within their major contract, the initial KPI process included a risk / reward service credit process, we were one of only a very small number of suppliers that exceeded service expectations receiving a reward or received zero cost reductions.

As part of our ongoing commitment to service and improvement, we undertake performance reviews to ensure we deliver at least the service expected but also proactively route cause, manage issues and implement process changes that facilitate improved performance. Examples of this can be seen in the development of equipment to repair and recycle burner tubes that would have led to a capital costs and delays in approval, impacting customers. Also the stocking of critical parts including large items such as Andrews water heaters and being able to deliver and install within 24 hours of failure to proper commissioning standards and managing warranties.